Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Darksoul by Eveline Hunt FREE on Amazon!

Hey peeps! I've kind of been away for a while, and I still haven't done the Cover Love for August. I'm really really really sorry about that. I'll try to do it some time soon.. :/

But that's not what today's post is about. I'm here because some days ago my favourite Wattpad story got published! Wattpad is a community for readers and writers alike, to share and read what they like to their heart's content, all for free. From there I found the paranormal/romance story KISS ME, KILL ME (the original version of DARKSOUL) when its chapters were still released regularly. I haven't read the published version yet, but from what I've heard it's quite different from KM, KM. Still, it seems it's going to be even better! Eveline Hunt is a talented writer who has created a strong young heroine who won't be afraid to speak her mind.

The ebook will be free until Friday, so
hurry up and get it NOW!

Genres: YA / Paranormal / Romance
Length: 370 pages
Description: Seventeen-year-old Hazel Lisle has a problem. Or two. Or three.

Problem number one: Asher Evans, her best friend and long-time crush. A lover of piercings with tan skin and a posh British accent, he’s spunky, fun, dirty-mouthed...and clearly more than what he seems.

Then there is Hunter Slade. Cold. Infuriating. Unreadable. He knows just how to work her last nerve. But under his calm, impassive mask, he’s hiding a terrible secret of his own.

Hunter and Ash are the least of Hazel’s worries. Someone is out to kill her, and she has no idea why. Monsters seem to come from left and right. Invisible wings follow her everywhere she goes. There’s a voice, soft and strangely familiar, inside her head. After a series of scary encounters, Hazel doesn't know who or what to believe. Only one thing is for sure: She will not go down without a fight.

**Due to strong language and crude sexual themes, this book is only recommended for readers ages 16 and up.**

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