Full name is Kristina Vallaste. Sometimes also known as Krissu or Kiku, but I prefer the latter. I was born and have lived my whole 17 years of existance in the Baltic country of Estonia in North-Eastern Europe. I've studied English since 1st grade, but haven't had much oral practice, only media and books. Therefore it's okay for you to point out any typos or other errors.

I'm also studying German since 6th grade. Although I somewhat understand German texts, I'm no good when it comes to speaking. In high school I began taking Chinese classes. My knowledge of it is of course very basic.

My interests include writing, reading, daydreaming (a LOT), needle felting, anime, drawing, photomanipulation, stock photography, amigurumi (snakes), polymer clay - only recently tried it though, demonology.

I'm writing online stories for everyone to read on Wattpad. They're mainly available in my first language, Estonian, but when I have time I do some translating. My translated works so far have zero quality though; they're old. I want to become a published writer and I'm currently working on a book I hope will get on print.

I actually wear glasses too.

Let me explain how I came up with the name Reclusive Eudaemon. It's quite simple; I'm a very introverted person that rather spends time away from crowds and sits alone in classes. It doesn't mean I don't get lonely though. I admit it's difficult around crowds. I got hurt easily in the past and am to this day hesitant to start conversations in real life. I don't accuse people for avoiding me, as I believe they're just as hesitant to start a conversation with the awkward quiet girl in the corner. Can't also blame them if they're simply uninterested. It's okay to be picky about the people you want close to you. In conclusion, I do have good friends, but getting through each day at school can be hard. <--- So that explains the 'reclusive' part.

From Wikipedia: Eudaemon, eudaimon, or eudemon in Greek mythology was a type of daemon or genius, which in turn was a kind of spirit. I mentioned above my interest in demonology, so practically that's why I chose it. I also think it's a pretty word :3 But in fact, the word 'demon' for me does not associate with evil. I don't believe in right or wrong, but see everything dependent on what individuals like and dislike. What is good and beneficial for one can be quite bad for the other, but that doesn't determine some universal law of 'good' and 'evil'. Who's to choose who's right? Anyway, for me, demons are all spiritual beings, perhaps even souls. So yeah, I believe demons exist.

In this blog I will talk about books, post reviews and... who knows what else. I'm still a beginner and everything is in slow development. Hopefully you will enjoy your time on Reclusive Eudaemon :)

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