Thursday, August 7, 2014

#4 Cover Love - July 2014

Clearly I was late with this (past) month's post. Sorry about that. But, however corny it may sound, better late than never, huh? We had some pretty amazing covers this July, but the picky person I am, high resolution images revealed bits on some covers that made me change my mind more than once while I was on the lookout for the best. I like clear photos and well made manips. But sadly, many covers aren't the same up close as they are on small icons. (Am I being judgmental or what?)

July's winner was something I at first overlooked, but on closer inspection later on I just fell in love with. Without further ado, here's the golden beauty!

And the cover of the month is...

...Copper Magic by Julia Mary Gibson!

The black and gold combination on this cover is just breathtaking! The thin layer of water on a solid surface was a great idea. Its rippling leaves a beautiful natural texture, and the dark reflection of the trees adds a bit mysterious touch to everything, while this girl stands there alone. I don't know what's up with the handprint, but it looks cool and a little creepy, whether it was intended or not. I also like the font, with it's effects and placement. It fits perfectly with the rest of the cover, not to mention that 'copper' and 'magic' are exactly the words to describe this cover with! The whole thing looks very magical.

Some others that caught my eye:

It was hard to make up my mind, so this month I've again chosen more than three additional covers to feature in this Cover Love post. This happened mainly because I found three similar covers from this one series (that you probably recognize), but all different, and all published in July. It was simply impossible to pick out just one, so I'm going to feature these three separately from the rest.

Thanks again for reading! I continue to wait for your thought on my picks. Or if you have your own favourites from this past or current month, feel free to share them and I might use the latter in my next Cover Love post!

Have a nice day, everyone! (:

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